On-site Photography

Beautiful mornings climb in Burnside, removing 2 large trees way to big for the garden following high winds taster!
Several Large Softwoods of mixed species in a row, too close to the road and a boundry wall. One had blown over but had avoided a domino affect. All to be dismantled and removed
Where has an unsafe root plate we can use the access platform for safety.
Working from the platform allows us to dismantle in large sections.
A large section being roped, removed and then lowered safely.
A row of Large softwoods to be removed in Milngavie
Another large section safely removed from the platform.
This is where the real work begins, once the tree is down the timber has to be removed from site. We often donate our trees to the Bullwood Project Charity.
Shaping and thining small trees from harness.
Dangerous Lime tree with shifted root plate in Hyndland dismantled from Cherry Picker.
Using our qualifications and experience we provide non-standard services on the BT network.
Specialist access and rope-work for BT/Carillion-Telent/CJT Utilities to dismantle and remove very large restricted access telephone poles.
Split Leylandii, dismantled from harness and removed from site
The team in chain formation chip chip and away!
Limb walking required to sectionally dismantle large limbs over a footpath in Stirling.
Large diseased Sycamore in Stirling dismantled and removed
Such a large Sycamore even 2 climbers are lost in the canopy
Almost all of the canopy removed from the Stirling Sycamore, more to go before it can be safely felled.
Strling Sycamore is safe on the ground
All debris can be chipped and removed from site.
Dangerous Leyllandii leaning towards houses following high winds, next to busy road.
Clearing a watercourse in Newton Mearns for the council to prevent flooding.
Newlands climbing, 2 adjecent trees too big for the grarden to be dismantled.
2 trees are tackled quickly with 2 climbers and 2 grounds men
Tree leaning following high winds, braced then climb and dismantle so as not to damage cars and house below.
Lime tree in paisley leaning towards the building, dismantle and remove.